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ACARA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Welcome to the Australian Curriculum consultation online

The Australian Curriculum consultation site allows you to read, review and provide feedback on draft curriculum materials as they become available for public consultation. Feedback can be provided through the consultation portal, by completing online questionnaires and by submitting additional comments via email. The feedback is used to revise and improve the draft materials so that the best possible quality Australian Curriculum documents are developed and published.

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Consultation of the draft Australian Curriculum

In order to access the online materials and to provide feedback you must register on the Australian Curriculum consultation website.

To access the online version of the draft Auslan Curriculum and the Framework for Classical Languages, and all supporting documents, such as sequences of content and glossary, please click on the F-10 tab on the black menu bar. Please click here for a video on the draft Auslan Curriculum.

The survey must be completed online. In order to complete a survey, click on the Surveys tab on the black menu bar and select the subject survey from the drop down menu.

Respondents also have the option to provide additional written comments. ACARA requests that written comments are organised under section headings used in the questionnaire (where relevant) to assist in the analysis of all responses. If you wish to provide more detailed feedback, written submissions can be forwarded to [email protected] with the relevant subject heading, for example draft Australian Curriculum: Auslan F-10, and the required cover sheet.

Following consultation, the draft curriculum materials will be revised for Board and Ministerial approval prior to publication on the Australian Curriculum website.

If you prefer to download a PDF version of the Auslan curriculum and the Framework for Classical Languages (including Yrs 7-10 Latin and Classical Greek), please click on the hypertext links below, for example, ‘Auslan – First Language Learner Pathway’. Please note the pdf version does not include all supporting documents.

Dates Written submission email Cover sheet

Auslan – Overview only

Auslan - Community Consultation Flyer - includes Darwin Consultation forum

Auslan – First Language Learner Pathway

Auslan – Second Language Learner Pathway

Auslan – Fact Sheet

18 May - 8 August 2016

[email protected]

Auslan cover sheet

Framework for Classical Languages

Years 7–10 Latin curriculum

Years 7–10 Classical Greek curriculum

18 May - 8 August 2016

[email protected]

Framework for Classical Languages cover sheet

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